Interactive Exhibits

Families love the interactive exhibits at Sandcastles! Many favorites will return.

Our Neighborhood features a grocery store, ice cream shop, bank, vet center, pizza place, community garden, and post office. On the Badger PlayShip, a child can be the captain, communicate with the control tower and plane, and explore the nooks and crannies. Our construction zone has been moved to the Badger's lower level. The bubble table is back, and the river has been transformed into a section of the Amazon. The stage and piano, along with our great costume collection, are waiting for some new shows put on by our visitors. There is a cozy reading nook for quiet time, an infant center for our youngest visitors, and a nursing/changing area in a private location. The wishing well vortex is always a draw, the first or last thing children do during their visits. The creation station is fully stocked and ready for another great year of crafts. Other items of interest are located throughout the museum.

Our newest focus exhibit is Take Flight! Its centerpiece is a REAL Cessna 4 passenger airplane purchased and refurbished by local pilots and supported with grants from the Great Lakes Energy People Fund and the Wolf Aviation Fund.  Just as amazing is our control tower complete with communications with the plane and the Badger, electronic weather and flight information, a flight simulator, and much, more more. Many thanks to our local pilots, as well as electronics wizard Frank Longmore and our master builder Mark Todd!

Aviation - the plane, control tower, runway, and flight simulator.




Bouldering Wall

Our horizontal climbing wall - bouldering wall - presents both a physical challenge and fun. 

Saltwater Fish Tank

Watch our fish tank change as we add fish and other sea life throughout the year to create a rich underwater environment.


Community Garden

Cultivate or pull the beets, onions, and carrots; pick tomatoes, beans, and corn. Learn how these vegetables grow.

Badger PlayShip

Be the captain - check the instruments, ring the bell, and steer the ship. Be a passenger and drive your car below deck. Stay with your "pet" below deck or go up on deck to see what's going on all over the museum. Explore the nooks around the ship.

Vet Center

Kids love to take care of our animals.  Watch for some exciting changes in 2014.  


You can be the banker who cashes checks and hands out money or the customer who writes the checks and spends the money!



Long skinny body? Two heads? You will be surprised to see the "new you" in our Fun Mirror!



Grocery Store

Gather your groceries and place them in a hand held basket or child sized grocery cart! Be the clerk making the sale! Learn about good health at the Good Nutrition Exhibit.


Ice Cream Parlor and Pizza Restaurant

Serve up ice cream or take the orders. Learn about nutrition, menus and pricing.


Post Office

Write a letter and deliver it to one of the color coded mailboxes!

Bubbles Galore

Create giant bubbles at our bubble table!

Sumo, the Bearded Dragon lizard.

Watch Sumo eating his lunch or sunning himself by the window.



Using our color coded piano keys and sheet music, play a variety of songs on the piano.


Sandcastles Express 

One of our newest exhibits is the wonderful LGB electric train running on its track on the oval ceiling in the upper exhibit hall.  Kids love the train whistle and its signals.


Art Center

Paint a picture, create with pipe cleaners and foam, or create your own masterpiece with a variety of our art supplies. Hang it up to dry and take it home.   

Theater Stage and Dressing Room

Dress up, sing, dance or act out your favorite story on center stage.


Infant Center

A safe, padded place for non walking children. It is filled with interesting things to see and touch.

Reading Nook​

We have many books related to our exhibits and at varying reading levels.

Discovery Bins

Choose from over 20 Discovery Bins, each containing a themed activity with activity card: Marble Run, Animal Fur, Magnets, Magna-Tiles, Snakes, Vet Kit, Be an Artist, Animal Skulls, Bugs, Read Aloud Books, etc.

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